Gegevens van "Beach 1"



Techniek Acryl op Linnen
Jaar 2017
Afmeting 50 x 150 cm
Prijs € 1395.00

Huur  : € 13.95


  Spaar : € 27.90




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Biografie van Menzinger

Heinz-Jurgen Menzinger was born in Brunn, Germany on 24 July 1943. In 1961 he attended the Commercial School for Advertisement in Dortmund where he obtained his first degree.

He then went on to study art at the College of Art in Dortmund and gained his second degree in 1963.

A further honoree degree was awarded at the Royal Academy in Gent, Belgium where he was enlisted as a guest auditor.

He first worked as a freelance graphic artist and then began to devote his time and passion to painting. His work reflects the various impressions of light and colour of the landscape.

Menzinger’s work has been exhibited all over the world.

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