Van Apple

"It's All About the Money"

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It's All About the Money


Gegevens van "It's All About the Money"


Techniek Mixed Media in Liquid Glass

Jaar 2021

Afmeting 175 x 75 cm

Prijs€ 3400,00

KunstUitleen€ 102.00 p/mnd waarvan u € 68.00 spaart

KunstKoopRegeling25% Aanbetaling restant in 10 of 20 termijnen

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Van Apple

New in our collection, Artist Van Apple. The art of Van Apple is a combination of digital technics such as photography and famous characteristics. He uses gold foil, Swarovski stones and adds colours and different handcrafted items such as butterflies, which are covered with several layers of epoxy. By adding these layers he is able to create innovative and unique mix-media art with a fantastic 3D effect.